Our Service Catalog

Any floor, counter, upholstery for your home or business – we do it all: Stone, concrete, tile, carpet, wood, or hardscape. Restoring floors is our business.

Servicing all of Orange County and neighboring areas.

Natural & Engineered Stone

Achieve your desired look with our stone restoration and polishing services. Marble, granite, travertine, limestone, quartzite, sandstone & quartz surfaces.

Concrete, Hardscape & Pavers

Hardscape and concrete cleaning, staining, polishing & sealing. Choose almost any color desired to stain concrete. We’ll seal hardscape for protection and to give it that wet-look and shine.

Wood Floor

Thorough cleaning of wood floors and a non-sand refinishing system saving costs and dust from sanding. We’ll bring the shine back, transforming your surface from matte to gloss or vice-versa.

Tile & Grout

Your tile and grout will be restored back to its Day 1 appearance. We clean and restore ceramic, porcelain, and slate surfaces, as well as Saltillo.

Fine Carpet & Upholstery

All types of fibers cleaned: nylon, olefin, wool, silk, microfiber and more. We’ll make your carpet and upholstery brand new again.


Cleaning and restoration of vinyl or linoleum surfaces. Application of a high quality acrylic finish to give it a ‘brand new’ polish and shine.

Area Rug

Cleaning of all types of area rugs (Persian, Oriental, Indian, Wool & silk) . You’ll have a restored and vibrant rug no matter what color.